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Is it too late to start training?

Updated: Jan 23

Are you accomplishing the goals you set out to accomplish this year? Funny how quickly things can get away from you.

The answer is “no” you haven’t missed out. In fact, the Oceanside 70.3 is the first race of the season for many of us, so no, the train hasn’t left the station.

However, if you’ve got mid- and late-year races coming up you should get it into gear. Ideally, the longer the “runway” to your “A” race the better, but “life” generally has other ideas, so your plan isn’t usually executed the way you want.

So, how do you get on track or back on track? While you’d like to jump back into your training when you were at your peak last year that is seldom the best way to pick up. This method of coming back generally leads to over-training and/or injury, neither of which will create the result you’re looking for.

Depending on whether you’ve been a couch potato for the last six months or if you’ve been active consistently will determine what you can realistically do. Ramping up at the right pace is critical and isn’t based upon when your next race is but where your fitness is.

Finding your way to the edge of your fitness is important and certainly something I encourage you to test, but don’t be foolish about it. And how is that done?

Personally, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE marker sets! In other words, workouts I have a history with and data for.

As you may know, I work with TriDot as my exercise platform, and they have marker sets built in about every four weeks. When you enroll with me/TriDot you won’t see your first marker sets for about four weeks but as your coach I can accelerate that so you can establish those landmarks earlier. Then, every four weeks we’ll see how you’re progressing.

It's time to get to work!


Coach Ron

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