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Bike Race


Specificity is everything in our approach. While we consider triathlon coaching both an art and a science, we lean a bit more toward the science of training. Here are some elements of our approach:

Baseline Tests

We conduct a baseline tests (swim, bike and run) for every athlete to determine where you are today and to help us prescribe the best training for you.

Gauge Your Progress

We conduct the same test every four weeks to gauge your progress.


Your workouts will specify effort (pace or watts) and time.

Seven-Day Training

We strongly suggest seven-day training weeks but can adjust if necessary.

Training Days

Your training week will include “hard” days, “endurance” days and “recovery” days.

Your "A" Race

We target one “A” race per year and encourage you to race as much as you like.

Strength Training 

We believe in strength training and will adjust these workouts based on the phase of training you’re in.

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