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Just Get Out the Door!

Look, all of us have motivation problems. Some, more than others, including me!

If you’re familiar with David Goggins you’ll know that he HATES running. So, what does he do every morning? Run.

Why put yourself through it? Because there’s a bigger picture; the life you’re trying to create for yourself. Maybe that’s losing some weight, maybe that’s completing your first triathlon, maybe that’s getting a PR or winning your age group. Your vision for yourself is yours alone, and only you can realize that vision.

Great! Now what about motivation?

I exercise seven days a week (unless I’m ill or travelling). That’s just the way it is for me – that’s my life, and that’s the way I want it because it fulfills my vision for myself.

How about this? How many days a week do you brush your teeth? I’m going to guess twice or more per day, every day. Do you need motivation to do that? No, it’s just a component in your life.

You can make exercise (which I categorize strength, mobility and stretching as well) a constant component in your life. In fact, you should.

See you at the races!

Coach Ron


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